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index - index of all library functions in NEMO’s $NEMOLIB


This section describes the library functions in NEMO. In addition to the main library, libnemo.a, there may be additional user contributed libraries, such as: libNbody, libJ.a, libP.a and libT.a, and some separate *.o files, which can be linked separately. A typical non-graphics NEMO program can be linked as follows:
   cc -o prg prg.c $NEMOLIB/libnemo.a -lm

New Style Files

$NEMOLIB/libnemo.a    New style (NEMO V2.x) library
$NEMOLIB/libNEMO.a    Bundling of all object files from old style file list

Old Style Files

$NEMOLIB/libJ.a           Joshua Barnes (JEB)
$NEMOLIB/libP.a           Piet Hut (PH)
$NEMOLIB/libT.a           Peter Teuben (PJT)
$NEMOLIB/libNbody.a      filestructure for N-body snapshots (JEB)
$NEMOLIB/libMongo.a    MONGO under sunwindows (PJT)
$NEMOLIB/libNumrec.a    Numerical Recipies (PJT)
$NEMOLIB/libOrbit.a    Orbit library (PJT)
$NEMOLIB/libwerong.a    werong routines (purely for FITS) (PJT)
$NEMOLIB/old_filestr.o    old (pre april 1988) filestr (JEB)
$NEMOLIB/old_filestruct.o    old (pre april 1988) filestruct (JEB)
$NEMOLIB/contour.o       contour program, calls yapp (PJT)
$NEMOLIB/image.o          image "library" (PJT)
$NEMOLIB/filestruct.o    new filestructure (JEB)
$NEMOLIB/yapp.o         yapp, standard suntools (JEB)
$NEMOLIB/yapp_cgi.o       yapp, using cgi instead of suncore (PJT)
$NEMOLIB/yapp_cg.o      yapp, for color graphics monitors (JEB)
$NEMOLIB/yapp_ps.o       yapp, using PostScript for laserprinter (PJT/JEB)
$NEMOLIB/yapp_ps_new.o       yapp, using PostScript for laserprinter (JEB)
List of Functions
Name    Appears on Page    Description

_absv_d      vectmath.3      horrible macros
_absv_f      vectmath.3
_mappath    filefn.3    a perhaps useful utility for filefn’s
a2unit       libNbody.a
aarseth0    libP.a
add_history    history.3
allocate    libJ.a       allocate memory with error checking
allocate_orbit    orbit.3
ask_headline    history.3
ask_history    history.3
axvar          libJ: axis.3    specify general parameters for axis subroutines
bessi0       besselfunc.3    modified bessel function I0(x)
bessi1       besselfunc.3    modified bessel function I1(x)
bessk0       besselfunc.3    modified bessel function K0(x)
bessk1       besselfunc.3    modified bessel function K1(x)
btitrans    libNbody.a
btrtrans    libNbody.a
burststring    burststring.3    separate a string into tokens (libJ.a)
contour      contour.3    simple contour routine
contour_setdef    contour.3    optional define undefined value for contour
copy_item    filestruct.3
copxstr     extstring.3    copy extended string
create_cube    image.3       allocate and create an 3D image cube 
create_image    image.3      allocate and create an 2D image map
cputime        libJ.a      compute CPU time in minutes
defext         filefn.3    add extension to filename if none already exists
dex          libNbody.a
dmpfien       nemofie.3    
dofien       nemofie.3    expression parser
dprintf      dprintf.3
drange      range.3       parse string of values into a double array
dummy_for_malloc    libOrbit.a
dynamem       libT.a
erf         libT.a
erfc        libT.a
error       error.3      give error message and die quickly
extension    filefn.3    return extension of pathfilename
f            libT.a
findcms      libNbody.a
findfn       loadobj.3    return function pointer 
findstr       strlib.3    finds index of pattern in text
finiparam    getparam.3    finish up NEMO program and unbind cmdln parameters
fit_setbitpix    fitsio.3    optional setting bitpix for fits output
fit_setscale    fitsio.3    optional setting scale/offset for fits output
fitclose    fitsio.3
fitopen      fitsio.3
fitread      fitsio.3
fitrdhda      fitsio.3
fitrdhdi      fitsio.3
fitrdhdr      fitsio.3
fitsetpl      fitsio.3
fitwrhda      fitsio.3
fitwrhdi      fitsio.3
fitwrhdr      fitsio.3
fitwrite      fitsio.3
frandom     xrandom.3         arbitrary fie random number generator
free_image    image.3         free an image
freesnip    libP.a
freeup        libT.a
get_data      filestruct.3
get_data_coerced    filestruct.3
get_data_sub    filestruct.3
get_dims        filestruct.3
get_dlen       filestruct.3
get_history    history.3
get_line    table.3       get a line from a file
get_potential    potential.3
get_set        filestruct.3
get_string      filestruct.3
get_tag_ok    filestruct.3
get_tes         filestruct.3
get_type    filestruct.3
getbparam    getparam.3    get value of boolean parameter (cmdln processing)
getdparam    getparam.3    get value of real (double) parameter (cmdln processing)
getdrange    getrange.3    parse string of unknown itemlength
getiparam    getparam.3    get value of int parameter (cmdln processing)
getirange    getrange.3    parse string of unknown itemlength
getlparam    getparam.3    get value of long parameter (cmdln processing)
getmem         strlib.3    memory allocater with error checking
getparam    getparam.3    get value of string parameter (cmdln processing)
getrfunc    getfunc.3    arbitrary function parser/evaluator
getxstr     extstring.3    read extended string from file
grandom         xrandom.3       normally distributed random number generator
head        filefn.3    return head of a pathfilename
herinp_      herinp.3    low level interface to nemoinpX
inifien       nemofie.3
initparam    getparam.3    set up command line parameters in program (cmdln processing)
irange      range.3       parse string of values into an int array
linreg       linreg.3    linear regression: all six methods
list_orbit    orbit.3
list_tags    filestruct.3
loadfuns    libNbody.a
loadobj       loadobj.3    load object file into memory
log2             libJ.a         log to the base two
lsq_accum    lsq.3        least square accumulator
lsq_solve    lsq.3        least square solver
lsq_zero    lsq.3        reset least square matrices
makedisk    makedisk.3    construct a disk of test particles
mkplummer    libP.a
mode           libT.a
mysymbols    loadobj.3    declare current symbols (of main program)
nemoinpb        nemoinp.3    parse boolean 
nemoinpd        nemoinp.3    parse double
nemoinpi        nemoinp.3    parse integer
nemoinpl        nemoinp.3    parse long
newextn       libJ.a       append new extension to a filename (static)
odeint        libT.a
ordinal      ordinal.3    supplies the English suffix to make an ordinal number
parse         table.3         parse a line into items
pathfind    filefn.3    search for first file within specified search path
pathopen    filefn.3    open file within specified search path
pickball    libNbody.a
pickbox      libNbody.a
pickshell    libNbody.a
plbox       yapp.3      graphics: plot a box
plcircle    yapp.3       graphics: plot a circle
plcross      yapp.3      graphics: plot a cross
plflush      yapp.3*
plframe      yapp.3      graphics: advance for next plot-frame
pljust      yapp.3      graphics: change text justifacation mode
plinit      yapp.3      graphics: initialize graphics package
plline      yapp.3      graphics: draw a line
plltype      yapp.3      graphics: set line type & line width
pl_matrix    yapp.3*
plmove      yapp.3      graphics: move the pen without drawing
plpoint      yapp.3      graphics: plot a point
plstop      yapp.3      graphics: closes plotting
plswap        yapp.3*
pltext      yapp.3      graphics: plot text
plxscale    yapp.3*
plyscale    yapp.3*
put_data      filestruct.3
put_data_sub    filestruct.3
put_history    history.3
put_set        filestruct.3
put_string      filestruct.3
put_tes       filestruct.3
putparam    getparam.3    set new value to keyword
putxstr       extstring.3    write extended string to a file
qbe          libJ: sqr.3    qube 
read_image    image.3        read an image(5) from a structured file
read_orbit    libOrbit.a
reallocate    allocate.3
reset_history    history.3
rk4           libT.a
rkqc         libT.a
root         filefn.3    return root of a pathfilename
rotatev      rotatev.3     applies a rotation to a 3-dimensional vector
scanopt       scanopt.3    scan string of words for match of a word
sconc         strlib.3    catenate two string into newly allocted memory
scopy        strlib.3    copy a string into newly allocted memory
set_headline    history.3
seval         libJ.a       evaluate cubic spline interpolation
skip_item    libJ.a
snapdiff    snapdiff.3    compute metric (6N)-distance between two snapshots (libP.a)
snapdist    libP.a
sort           libT.a
sortptr       libT.a
spldif        spline.3         evaluate derivative of cubic spline
spldif2        spline.3         evaluate derivative of cubic spline
spline        spline.3         compute cubic spline coefficients
splsub        spline.3        aid in compute cubic spline coefficients (never called?)
sqr          libJ: sqr.3    square
stop          getparam.3    exit program, but not before calling finiparam()
strclose    stropen.3    close a file
strdelete    stropen.3    delete a file associated with a stream
strinsert    table.3         insert a string into another one
strname      stropen.3    return original filename of a stream
stropen      stropen.3    stream-open enhancement of fopen function
substr        strlib.3    return substring into newly allocated memory
tail            filefn.3    return tail of a pathfilename
this_will_make_math_loaded    libOrbit.a
transkepler    libP.a
within      libJ.a       determine if a number is within a range
write_image    image.3         write an image(5) to a structured file
write_orbit    orbit.3
yaxis           libJ: axis.3    draw an y axis
yaxvar         libJ: axis.3    specify parameters for yaxis
xaxis            libJ: axis.3    draw an x axis
xaxvar         libJ: axis.3    specify parameters for xaxis
xrand        libJ.a       (louzy) uniform random number generator 
xrandom         xrandom.3       uniformly distributed random number generator
xstreq       extstring.3    compare extended string
xstrlen      extstring.3    count elements of extended string
zerocms      libNbody.a


This file should have a different name; because there is an intro(1) either intro(3) or intro(3NEMO) cannot be accessed through the man(1) command.

Update History

23-Nov-86    created      PJT
16-Mar-87    updated     PJT
2-jun-88    updated      PJT
12-jul-89    names updated    PJT
8-oct-90    new style libraries - renamed intro.3 to index.3    PJT

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