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index - index of NEMO commands and utilities


These commands and utilities form the top layer of NEMO. They can all be found in the directory $NEMOBIN. Some of the utilities are simple shell scripts, (e.g. ’nemoman’), or imported programs, for which not always documention is available in the way NEMO programs are documented. Most (if not all) of the commands, however, conform to the NEMO user interface (getparam(3NEMO) , keywords(5NEMO) ) and use the NEMO database filestruct(5NEMO) .

Comments on the last column in table below: Anything else but a version number in the last column means that the program does not use standard nemo’s keyword based input format (-), or lacks a version number (X). -- The author/person responsible is also listed.

The gravsim package has it’s own file format (gdff) and the manual pages can be found within the src/gravsim/src/man/... tree, not the usual man/... tree. On some machines the gravsim package performs as a superior N-body integrator. A modified MANPATH is needed for online access using man(1) .


Name    Appears on Page    Description    Version/Author

aasplot        aasplot     plot particle positions from a snapshot file
anisot        anisot(1)    tabulate models for spherical galaxies             
atos        atos(1)       convert an ascii snapshot file to binary snapshot     
atosph        atos(1)       convert an ascii snapshot file to binary snapshot     
bodytrans    bodytrans(1)    qtest body to scalar mapping                     
bswap       bswap(1)     swap bytes in a file                                 
ccdcross    ccdcross(1)    cross correlate images with a reference image
ccddisplay    ccddisplay(1)    displays an image(5) file onto color Sun screen
ccddump      ccddump(1)    dump contents of an image(5)                       
ccdfft        ccdfft(1)    2D Fast Fourier Transform of a map                    
ccdfill      ccdfill(1)    patch up holes in an image
ccdfits          ccdfits(1)        convert image to fits file                 
ccdflip      ccdflip(1)    flip an image
ccdgoat     ccdgoat(1)    LV diagram diagnostics
ccdmath      ccdmath(1)         combine ccd frames (simple arithmetic)        
ccdmom        ccdmom(1)    moment along an axis of an image
ccdplot          ccdplot(1)        display 2D image(5) maps                   
ccdprint    ccdprint(1)    print out gridvalues of an image                      
ccdsharp    ccdsharp(1)    enhance/sharpen an image
ccdslice    ccdslice(1)     takes slices from a cube
ccdsmooth       ccdsmooth(1)    smoothing of an 2D image map
ccdstack    ccdstack(1)    stack images, with simple gridding option if WCS differs
ccdstat         ccdstat(1)       statistics (1st through 4th moment)          
ccdsub       ccdsub(1)        sub/average of an image
ccdtrace    ccdtrace(1)    interpolate a set of coordinates in an image
ccdvel           ccdvel(1)       create a velocity field                      
csf          csf(1)       copy structred file                                 
demfits       demfits(1)    Read DEM (Digital Elevation Maps) from USGS
direct4         direct4(1)       simple N-body integrator, optionally for GRAPE-4
Pipelined N-body engine
dtos         dtos(1)        convert STARLAB dyn to NEMO snapshot
fitsccd         fitsccd(1)    convert fits to image                           
fitsgids    fitsgids(1)    display fits images on GIDS display server
fitsglue    fitsglue(1)    catenate fits images into a fitscube
fitsgrid    fitsgrid(1)    convert and grid fits table to regular fits image
fitshead          fitshead(1)       dump the header of a fits file            
fitssao        fitssao(1)    display fits images on SAOIMAGE/XIMTOOL display server
fitssds        fitssds(1)    convert FITS to SDS HDF
fitssplit    fitssplit(1)    split fits image dataset into subsets
fitstab       fitstab(1)         convert fits table to ascii table            
fitstiff    fitstiff(1)       convert FITS file into TIFF file
flowcode    flowcode(1)    Analytical flow_potential orbit integrator
ftoc            ftoc(1)          nemo_main() builder from fortran source code 
funtab        funtab(1)    Function Table lookup
galaxy         galaxy(1)         3D FFT N-body code
galview        galview(1)      create x3d database for our galaxy
gettab         gettab(1)    extract real table from a table
gravsim0    gravsim0(1)    NEMO frontend for gravsim family                     
hackcode1    hackcode1(1)    hierarchical N-body integrator                       
hackcode1_qp    hackcode1(1)    " and quadrupole corrections"           
hackcode3    hackcode3(1)    " and fixed particles/background potential"
hackdens    hackdens(1)    local density estimator using tree algorithm          
hackforce    hackforce(1)        add potential and forces to an N-body snapshot
hackforce_qp    hackforce(1)        " and quadrupole corrections"
hdfgrid        hdfgrid(1)    Regrid a CMHOG polar HDF SDS image to a cartesian NEMO
henyey        henyey(1)    search for periodic orbits in a potential (Henyey’s method)
himap        himap(1)    Construct galactic MAP/CUBE from a  VL/LV (B) map
hisf         hisf(1)        display history of datafiles                         
hispectrum    hispectrum(1)    HI spectrum extraction and gridde
kep2kep        kep2kep(1)    nteractive transformations between kepler orbit coordinates
king          king(1)          tabulate Osipkov-Merritt generalization of King model
linreg        linreg(1)    six linear regressions
memio       memio(1)      misaligned data/memory routines with optional disk I/O
miller       miller(1)    convert Miller’s (ascii) plot file to snapshot format
mkbaredisk      mkbaredisk(1)    almost stable disk                           
mkcolor      mkcolor(1)       create color table                                  
mkconfig    mkconfig(1)       make various static configurations of particles (line,
ring, shell, ...)
mkcube      mkcube(1)    create a uniform cube of equal massive stars
mkdisk       mkdisk(1)    make massless disk in a potential(5)                  
mkepidisk       mkepidisk(1)       uniform-ring-density test disk on epicycles  
mkexpdisk    mkexpdisk(1)    almost stable disk (experimental)                
mkexphot        mkexphot(1)         make an exponential disk (hot) embedded in
a halo
mkhom       mkhom(1)     make homogeneous sphere                              
mkhomsph    mkhomsph(1)    make homogeneous sphere                              
mkisosph    mkisosph(1)    make isothermal sphere                             
mkjet       mkjet(1)    create a toy model for a jet
mkmestel    mkmestel(1)    make finite Mestel disk                            
mknbody5    mknbody5(1)    Initial condictions using NBODY5 program
mkneil      mkneil(1)    create a toy model for a jet
mkommod      mkommod(1)       generate N-body system with anisotropic d.f.           
mkop73      mkop73(1)    Set up a Mestel disk using 1973 Ostriker & Peebles’ method
mkorbit        mkorbit(1)      generate an orbit                              
mkplummer    mkplummer(1)    generate a truncated Plummer model               
mkpolytrope     mkpolytrope(1)    make N-body system: polytrope                
mksphere    mksphere(1)    construct an arbitrary spherical mass distribution
mkspiral    mkspiral(1)    make a spiral (toy)                                   
mktestdisk    mktestdisk(n1)    make uniform massless disk in N-body spheroid  
nbody0             nbody0(1)       Aarseth N-body integrator                   
nbody1       nbody1(1)    Aarseth direct summation N-body integrator with variable
nbody2          nbody2(1)        Aarseth N-body integrator with Ahmad-Cohen scheme    
nbody5        nbody5(1)    Regularized AC N-body code with triple & binary collisions
nemoinp        nemoinp(1)       number/array parser                           
nemoshow    nemoshow(1)
newton0        newton0(1)    nbody codes with equal time steps                    
newton0ext    newton0(1)      nbody aarseth code, ind. timestep (nbody2)           
newton0fixed    newton0(1)    nbody codes with equal time steps (fixed potential)
newton0reg        newton0(1)    nbody codes with equal time steps (regularized)
newton0tree        newton0(1)    nbody codes with equal time steps (treecode) 
orbdim        orbdim(1)       dimensionality of orbits                        
orbfour          orbfour(1)    fourier analysis of an orbit
orbint         orbint(1)    simple orbit integrator                             
orblist       orblist(1)    list orbit(5NEMO)                                 
orbname        orbname(1)       Orbit classification and plotting
orbplot       orbplot(1)    plot orbit(5NEMO) on screen                       
orbsos           orbsos(1)    compute surface of section coordinates from an orbit    
orbstat      orbstat(1)    Tabulate some statistics of orbit(s)
orbwood      orbwood(1)    Orbit Spectral Analysis
otos         otos(1)       convert an orbit into a snapshot                     
perorb         perorb(1)       search for periodic orbits                     
plummer       plummer(1)         tabulate Osipkov-Merritt gener. of plummer model    
potccd           potccd(1)       Create image from a NEMO potential           
potcode       potcode(1)**    integrate non-interacting particles              
potlist       potlist(1)    get potential and forces of a potential(5)           
pr-gdff       (gravsim)    print gdff file                                      
pspeed       pspeed(1)    Tremaine & Weinberg pattern speed of system          
qsf          qsf(1)          check if a file is a structured file             
quadcode    quadcode(1)    global quadrupole-order N-body code integrator       
quadforce    quadforce(1)    quadrupole-order force calculation of an  N-body   
quadinter       quadinter(1)    quadrupole-order force calculation from tabulated
radprof      radprof(1)    radial profile plotting of N-body system               
rotcur        rotcur(1)       fit kinematic parameters from velocity field    
rotcurves     rotcurves(1)    rotation curve of a composite potential         
rsf           rsf(1)        read a structured file 
rotcur        rotcur(1)    non-linear fit kinematic parameters from a velocity field
runcmhog    runcmhog(1)    preprocess a CMHOG namelist and run program in a new
rungalaxy    rungalaxy(1)    run galaxy in a special directory
rvsnap         rvsnap(1)         convert Carlberg’s binary ’RV’ format to snapshot
scanfits          scanfits(1)     scan a fits file, optionally extract and convert.    
sdsfits      sdsfits(1)    convert SDS HDF to FITS
snap3dv        snap3dv(1)      convert snapshot to 3dv format for 3D display  
snapadd         snapadd(1)    adds N-body systems on top of each other         
snapaxsym    snapaxsym(1)    axisymmetric ccd-frame of a snapshot                
snapccd         snapccd(1)        top view ccd frame of an N-body snapsho      
snapcenter    snapcenter(1)    centrate snapshot(5) data                      
snapcmp       snapcmp(1)    compare two N-body snapshots                       
snapcmphist    snapcmphist(1)    compare two N-body snapshots and plot histogram
snapcomove    snapcomove(1)    scale cosmological simulations to/from comoving
snapcopy    snapcopy(1)    copy particles of snapshot subject to conditions    
snapdens          snapdens(1)    find density estimator for N-body snapshot    
snapdiagplot    snapdiagplot(1)    diagnosis of an N-body run                  
snapdist    snapdist     compute metric differences between snapshots        
snapenter    snapenter(1)    enter an N-body system interactively                
snapfit         snapfit(1)      fit a (6D) snapshot to a  (3D)  data  cube    
snapfits        snapfits(1)    convert a snapshot file to a fits file         
snapfour    snapfour(1)    fourier analysis of a snapshot                         
snapgrid    snapgrid(1)    general snapshot gridder for image(5) format         
snaphdf        snaphdf(1)    convert snapshot to HDF Scientific Dataset (SDS)
snaphist    snaphist(1)    histogram of projected radii and velocities          
snapinert    snapinert(1)    calculate moment of inertia of a snapshot        
snapkinem    snapkinem(1)        compute kinematic diagnostics for snapshot   
snaplist    snaplist(1)    make listing of an N-body snapshot file             
snapmask        snapmask(1)       mask out particles in N-body system          
snapmass    snapmass(1)    add or modify masses in a snapshot                 
snapmerge    snapmerge(1)    merge N-body snapshots together
snapmnmx    snapmnmx(1)    show statistics of snapshot variables              
snapmradii    snapmradii(1)    print mass radii in a snapshot                 
snapmstat    snapmstat(1)    statistics of the masses in a snapshot           
snapopt        snapopt(1)    Special Ostriker-Peebles ’t’ calculator
snappeak       snappeak(1)    maximum density, using mode analysis (crude)    
snapplot    snapplot(1)    display an N-body snapshot file                      
snapplotedit    snapplotedit(1)    display and edit an N-body snapshot         
snapplotv    snapplotv(1)    display an N-body snapshot file with vectorfield  
snapprint    snapprint(1)    tabular output of a snapshot                        
snaprect    snaprect(1)    diagonalize moment-of-inertia of snapshot           
snaprotate    snaprotate(1)    rotate an N-body model                          
snapsample    snapsample(1)     select a subset of particles of a snapshot    
snapscale    snapscale(1)    scales phase space coordinates of an N-body snapshot    
snapshift    snapshift(1)    shifts phase space coordinates of an N-body snapshot    
snapslit          snapslit(1)       top view slit spectrum of an N-body snapshot
snapsmooth       snapsmooth(1)    adaptive variable length smoothing          
snapsort    snapsort(1)      sort particles of N-body snapshot                 
snapsphere    snapsphere(1)    copy a sphere of particles from an N-body system    
snapspin    snapspin(1)    add angular momentum to system                     
snapsplit    snapsplit(1)    cut an N-body snapshot in pieces for serial processing
snapstab    snapstab(1)    report of stability of a stellar system              
snapstack    snapstack(1)     superimpose two snapshots                       
snapstat          snapstat(1)    statistics of N-body snapshot                 
snaptipsy    snaptipsy(1)    convert a snapshot to tipsy binary format
snaptrans      snaptrans(1)    coordinate transformations of a snapshot
snaptrim    snaptrim(1)    cut a snapshot file down to size                   
snapvirial    snapvirial(1)    rescale snapshot while retaining virial        
snapvratio        snapvratio(1)    compute various global virials (clausius, newton)
snapxyz        snapxyz(1)    Convert snapshot to xyzc data
stoa             stoa(1)         convert snapshot file to "205" ascii file    
stod        stod(1)        convert NEMO snapshot to STARLAB dyn
stoo          stoo(1)        convert snapshot to orbit data file              
stou4       stou4(1)    convert snapshot to unit-4 for NBODYx
tabcomment    tabcomment(1)    Add comments to a table, or comments certain lines
tabdms      tabdms(1)    Convert HMS/DMS tables
tabhist      tabhist(1)    column analysis and histogram plotter              
tabrows        tabrows(1)    select rows/lines from a file
tablint      tablint(1)    (prototype) table syntax checker
tablovas        tablovas(1)    Lovas  spectral  line   catalogue   manipulator
tablsqfit        tablsqfit(1)    general purpose least squares fitting program
tablst          tablst(1)    list tables, ascii as well as binary             
tabmath       tabmath(1)    general table handling                               
tabplot        tabplot(1)    plot data from table                             
tabpp         tabpp(1)      Poynter-Pickett spectral line catalogue manipulator    
tabs          tabs(1)        Table format converter
tabsplit    tabsplit(1)    split table into two parts                            
tabtos        tabtos(1)    ascii table to snapshot conversion                    
tabview        tabview(1)    dynamic query table viewer
tipsysnap    tipsysnap(1)    convert tipsy to snapshot format
trakplot    snapplot(1)    like snapplot, but does not erase screen between plots    
treecode    treecode(1)    fortran version of HACK                                
tsd           tsd(1)        Scan and optionally ascii dump of an HDF SDS
tsf         tsf(1)       type structured file                                    
u3tos        u3tos(1)    Convert NBODY output to snapshot
unbind        unbind(1)    unbind stars from a N-body system                   
unfio        unfio(1)    access fortran unformatted I/O files
units        units(1)        no table
xrandom       xrandom(1)    Return seed for random numbers and optionally random
xvpsnap         xvpsnap(1)    convert xvp NBODY files to snapshot format files
xyzview        xyzview(1)    Display 3-D velocity data
YancNemo    YancNemo(1)    NEMO version of Dehnen’s YANC (Yet Another N-body Code)

List of Nemo Utilities

.sp 2

Name    Appears on Page    Description    Version / Author

-3dmovie    **PJT        shell script to generate 3D movie of snapshot        -   -
-bake             bake(8)          generic nemo make
-catps         JEB           catenate postscript files                         
     -   /
-cc          cc(8)           /bin/cc(1) command line parser                    
     -   -
-changed       ***PJT/NEMO        list changed files since a specified date    
          -   -
-crc          crc(1)*         checksum of files (ascii/binary)                 
     -   -
-ctex        ctex(1)        extract tex comments from C/C++ source code
-ds             ds(1)           display program for suntools                   
    X       WLS
-diag205       ***PJT        diagnosis preparation of 205 output logfile           -
-findsrc    findsrc(1)    walk directories, trying to find source files (makekit)    -
-getline    ***            get a number of lines from a file                       -
-hd              ***hd(1)(PJT)    dump contents of a file in hex               
       -   -
-install    ***              call mknemo and install old programs
-kep2kep          ***PIET???    guess (bad user interface ??)                  
      -X  -X
-keyval       ***PJT        display value in ’keyword=value’ string             -   -
-ltos        ***PJT       shell script to convert Lars table to snapshot          - 
-make        bake(8)      /bin/make(1) command line parser                       / 
-makekit       ***(PJT)    NEMO manager utility                                 -   -
-mknemo       mknemo(8)    attempt to find NEMO programs and install them
-movie        movie(1)      display sun rasterfiles in movie mode              
     -   -
-movie_sv    (movie(1))    display sun rasterfiles in movie mode wihtin suntools
-nemobug          nemobug(1)        add bugreports
-nemobugs         nemobugs(1)         read bugreports
-nemonew           nemonew(1)          add news
-nemonews          nemonews(1)         read news                               
              -   -
-makekit    makekit(1)    split files up into shell archives packages            -  
-makepath    ***PJT         make a path file for 3D movies                      -   -
plarrow_ps    ***JEB       guess (send an arrow to a postscript file??)         1.0
pltext_ps    ***JEB      guess (send some text to a postscript file??)         1.0 /
-redir        redir(1)       split stderr and stdout in a nice way             
     -   -
-showstat    ***PJT        guess                                                 -  
-unshar       unshar(1)    unpack shell archives from news, mail, notes, etc.      - 
-update         update(1)      sun-fortran to cyber source code utility         
    -   -

See Also

The NEMO Users/Programmers Manual


The version numbers in the last column above are almost guarenteed to be out of date.

The list itself is usually out of date.


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