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getdrange, getirange - parse string into an array of values of unknown size (slow)


int getdrange (expr, x, xlen)char    *exprdouble  **x;int     *xlen;int
getirange (expr, i, ilen)  not written yetchar    *exprdouble  **i;int


The getXrange routines parse a string expr containing a list of numbers into an array x,i of xlen,ilen values. If the list is not long enough, an attempt is made to allocate a new array and fit the values in there. It is possible that the new array is larger than the actual numbers parsed into the array. getXrange returns the actual initialized numbers in the array, whereas Xlen is updated with the actual allocated length of the array.

Parsing is done through nemoinp(3NEMO) .


The string 1,10:20:2,100::2 gets parsed into an array of values 1 10 12 14 16 18 20 100 100.

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Low-level catastrophies (eg, parsing errors, wrong delimiters) generate messages via error(3) .


Peter Teuben

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20-jun-89    created      (PJT)

Table of Contents