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getrfunc - arbitrary function parser


#include <stdinc.h>rproc getrfunc(defin,expr,pars)string defin,expr,pars;int
*nexpvar;int size;
DescriptionThese routines provide a mechanism to use
arbitrary functions using the dynamic object loader loadobj(3NEMO). The
function definition is in the string defin, and must contain the name of
the function plus its variable arguments. The expression of the function
is contained in the string expr, and may also contain fixed parameters
(by name), which are then supplied by an alternating array of names and
values, separated by comma‘s, in the pars array. getrfunc returns a (real)
function pointer. Since no database is created (cf. bodytrans(3NEMO)) the
C compiler is called for every expression and hence this mechanism is not
very fast for quick and dirty things. In this case an interpreter, such
as nemofie(3NEMO) is more appropriate. 
BugsAll variables and parameters
are to be taken as real, there is no provision for typing of variables
and parameters. The DLOPEN interface (dlopen(3X)) doesn’t quite work on 
SUN OS 4.1. Seems to work for one parameter though. 
See Alsobodytrans(3NEMO),
loadobj(3NEMO), dlopen(3X) AuthorPeter Teuben Update History
17-sep-90    created for mass-spectra    PJT

Table of Contents