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fitstab - convert fits table to ascii table


fitstab in=fits_table [parameter=value]


fitstab reads a fits table file from disk and converts it to an ascii table. The input file must be in fits(5NEMO) format, the output will be on stdout. Tables can be selected by their HDU number; HDU’s which do not have the ascii table extension (TABLE) are automatically skipped.

See notes in ccdfits(1NEMO) how to process fits files from tape instead disk.


The following parameters are recognized in any order if the keyword is also given:
input file, must be fits(5) format. [no default].
HDU number to be processed. The first one counts as 1. A 0 will convert all. HDU’s which do not have the table extension (XTENSION=’TABLE ’) are automatically skipped. [Default: 0].
Comma separated list of selections which determines the parts of the table that is output. Valid options are data, header and row: data will list the table data itself, with an added row number if the option row is also supplied, and header lists the column names and their attributes from the FITS header. The parameters from a random group HDU can also be printed using group. [Default: data].
Column (or random group parameter) names selected for output. Default is all columns, in the original format (no extra blanks). If columns are selected by their name (FITS keyword TTYPEn), the output will contains an extra blank inbetween columns, UNLESS that column was followed by a + sign, for example col=DecSign+DecD will not put an extra space between DecSign and DecD. *** this last item not implemented yet *** [Default: all].
Frequency of newlines in the output, meaning every fnl numbers that are written, a newline will be added to the output. Use 0 if no extra newlines are needed. [Default: 0]


Columns are output in the order that they appear in the table, not as specified with the col= keyword.

no magic blanking substitution, no scaling TSCALnnn, TZEROnnn ?

column names are treated case sensitive.

X format not understood yet


Show the random group parameters of the first 4 record:
% fitstab sim0.fts hdu=1 row=1:4 select=group,data
Working on FITS file 1
Random Group printing:
RANDOM GROUP: 4950 rows with 10 (4-byte) length each; 7 pars
 -8.12176e-07 1.32065e-07 0 2.47447e+06 0.572593 258 1 858.081 199.085 7.5
 5.68985e-08 -4.70039e-07 0 2.47447e+06 0.572593 259 1 1251.84 -22.7329 7.5
 -3.45473e-07 6.32915e-07 0 2.47447e+06 0.572593 260 1 893.396 27.1245 7.5
 -8.36404e-07 -5.8816e-07 0 2.47447e+06 0.572593 261 1 518.19 129.551 7.5

See Also

ccdfits(1NEMO) , fits(5NEMO) , dd(1) , FTB (ADC Fits Table Browser), fv(1ftools)


Peter Teuben


~/src/image/fits      fitstab.c

Update History

8-apr-92    V1.0 Written    PJT
13-apr-92    V1.0x Renamed file= to hdu=    PJT
30-sep-96    V1.3 added output of random group parameters    PJT
10-nov-05    V1.5 added fnl=    PJT

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