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fitsgrid - convert fits binary table to regular fits image by gridding


fitsgrid [parameter=value] ...


fitsgrid grids a FITS binary table into a FITS image. Currently the program can only handle a DIRBE bintable, from the COBE database (released: august 1993). Future versions will be more flexible in selecting which columns to use for gridding, and which for emission, much like snapgrid(1NEMO) . A new package fitstrans, modeled after bodytrans. must be written for this. Work is in progress.


The following parameters are recognized in any order if the keyword is also given:
Input fits table file. The fits(3NEMO) package is used to read the binary table. No default.
Output fits image. The fitsio(3NEMO) package is used to write the image. No default.
Range in (galactic) longitudes. Note that lmin is normally larger than lmax. Although longitudes are in the range 0..360, when the sign of lmin and lmax are different (i.e. the galactic center is in the middle), angles are reduced to -180..180. Note that lmin,lmax are the edges of the grid, and that the pixels coordinates are defined in the center of a pixel. Your FITS header for CRPIX1 may hence look odd. [Default: 180,-180].
Range in (galactic) latitudes . [Default: -15,15].
Number of pixels in longitude [Default: 360].
Number of pixels in latitude [Default: 30].
DIRBE Band to process. Valid bands are numbered 1 through 10. [Default: 1].


Peter Teuben

See Also

scanfits(1NEMO) , fitshead(1NEMO) , fits(3NEMO) , fitsio(3NEMO) , fits(5NEMO)

Update History

13-Aug-93    V1.0 Created        PJT

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