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files - summary of all special files, environment variables, programmers etc.


A number of files and environment variables are essential to certain operations in NEMO. They may sometimes conflict when a user has set up various other software packages. See also Appendix G.2 in the NEMO Users/Programmers Guide.

Also listed are the shorthands sometimes used for some of the known authors/contributors of NEMO software. They often go by cryptic three letter abreviations. The table here lists their full names.

Possible conflicts may occur when NEMO’s cc-compiler (cc(1NEMO) ) or make-shell script are used, or other packages happened to use the same environment variable for similar purposes.

List of Files

$NEMO/nemo_start.csh    source this, and you’re all set (local
$NEMO/    source this, and you’re all set (local)
$NEMO/etc/motd          message of the day (alias: motd) (local)

List of Environment Variables

NEMO                          top directory where NEMO resides.
MANPATH                     manual search path, should include $NEMO/man
YAPPLIB                      default graphics linking libraries
HELP                            default help level in initparam(3NEMO)
DEBUG                            default debug level in initparam(3NEMO)
ERROR                        default allowed error count in initparam(3NEMO)
YAPP                            default yapp device in initparam(3NEMO)
BTRPATH                       directory path for bodytrans(3NEMO) functions
POTPATH                       directory path for potential(3NEMO) functions
CFLAGS                      used by on-the-fly compilers
List of AuthorsSee authors(5NEMO) See Alsointro(1NEMO), The NEMO Users/Programmers
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