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example - example skeleton file for man page writers


This section should contain a short synopis of the command including its options and arguments. In case of main programs (1) one could say:

snapadd in1=snap1 in2=snap2 out=snapo [cut=cutoff]

In case of library routines (3) it will probably look like:

#include <example.h>
void example(const char *msg);

You can also put comments in a man page that won’t show up.

Side Effects

This should list if there are any expected external variables or routines which will be moderated:

extern int nobj;extern int mass[MOBJ];extern int phase[MOBJ][6];


Peter Teuben, the person(s) who wrote it or deserved the credit or:

Person Responsible

John Doe, the guy who is now responsible of keeping this particluar piece of software up to date.


This should contain a reference to files needed to be included at compilation or linked at linking time. Note that a <TAB> must be included for proper allignment at 2.5 inches
/usr/lib/tmac/       This file contains the MAN macros


This is a simple skeleton file for authors of manual pages and shows e.g. the possibilities of text in bold as well as Italics typeface. It is better studied by directly looking at the source file, than by viewing the roffed-output. This file contains about all the possible SECTIONS we are using, in practice you would use a subset of them, but never leave out the NAME section.


The following parameters are recognized in order; they may be given in any order if the keyword is also given. Use --help to confirm this man page is up to date.
Input data is read from snap1, which must be in SnapShot(5) format.
Input data is read from snap2, which must be in SnapShot(5) format.
a boolean flag
A min_max range.
many levels

using nemoinp

On the design of keyword names and order: in= and out= should ideally appear first, with reasonable defaults for all other keywords for a standard run. Also note that the key= is in boldface. Anything after that is optional, can be literal (boldface) or implied (italics).

List of Functions

Name    Appears on Page    Description

example     example.0    skeleton for manual page with simple columns

See Also

This section gives a list if other(0) routines and manuals which are relevant to this command. In case you want to know more than you possibly ever wanted to know about writing manuals, consult one of the following:

The -man Macro Package (upper case directives in this file)

Text processing with NROFF and TROFF (lower case directives in this file)


Most programs probably deserve an example how it is used.


For programs with interesting scaling properties, it’s useful to provide a benchark.


Some programs have known limitations, caveats. It would be good to warn the user of this.


After certain roff commands a space is forced into the output, e.g. the space in in1=snap1.

The MAN macro file needs special NEMO entry, to prevent the clumsy header ’Unknown section of the manual’.(see FILES caption on this manual page)

Update History

16-Mar-87    created             PJT
18-Mar-87    PARAMETERS added    PJT
01-Aug-87    John Doe takes over    JXD
24-may-21    added markups to emacs is more properly colorized    PJT