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dtos - convert STARLAB dyn to NEMO snapshot


dtos [parameter=value]


dtos converts a STARLAB dyn file to a NEMO snapshot file (see also stod(1NEMO) for the reverse operation and other information). A tdyn file needs to be synchronized via worldlines(1STARLAB) before being converted.


The following parameters are recognized in any order if the keyword is also given:
Output snapshot file in standard snapshot(5NEMO) format. Note that the input dyn must be from standard input. No default.
Random verbiage added to output.
Optional starlab items to write out. Currently it will write out all items, even if meaningless. This probably means that Aux, Acceleration, Potential and Key could be quite meaningless.


Since STARLAB has the restriction that input and output are through stdin/stdout (cin/cout), the user interface of dtos is not quite standard NEMO. In the following example a file in dyn format is converted to snapshot format:
        dtos < run1.dyn
Here is an example of converting a tdyn to a snapshot, spaced at 0.5 intervals

    worldlines -d 0.1 -b 2.0 < run2.tdyn | dtos


There are no times associated with the dyn input stream. A keyword "times=" should be used to enforce. The hdyn format does have times.


Various formats, like tdyn, are not gracefully handled if given directly to dtos.

T and L are read into the Potential and Aux slot, where S is read into the Key slot.

See Also

stod(1NEMO) , snapshot(5NEMO)


src/nbody/io/starlab      dtos.C, stod_subs.c


Peter Teuben

Update History

31-Jul-96    V1.1 doc written    PJT
6-aug-96    V1.1a handle multple snapshots from input    PJT
18-jul-01    V1.2 also output time, improved scanning dyn’s to pdyn’s PJT
15-oct-03    V1.3 compatible with starlab4, made L/T work    PJT
29-dec-03       V1.4 output all L/T/S    PJT
16-mar-04    V2.0 added options= and headline=    PJT

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