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demfits - Read DEM (Digital Elevation Maps) from USGS


dem [parameter=value]


demfits (previously called dem) converts ASCII DEM (Digital Elevation Maps) from the USGS into a FITS file. Currrently it converts the 1:250,000-scale 1 degree (with 3 arcseconds resolution ) which have a size of 1201 by 1201 pixels, as well as the 7.5 arcmin maps (with 1 arcsec resolution) The output file is a FITS data-unit (no header currently written). You need to use a script (see EXAMPLE below) to add a header and flip the X and Y axes. Note that North will be Right, and East Up if you display this block of data in the usual convention of the first data in the lower left corner


The following parameters are recognized in any order if the keyword is also given:
Input DEM file
Output FITS data unit file
Preset the size of the output map
Preset the lower left corner of the image. The output dataset will have pixels not within the region set to 0.
New format has to be used if data items 17-28 are present in the A record. Default: f
Force reading of a trailing C record (not implemented yet). Default: f.
If given, this will be the name of an ascii table file that contains a listing of the extracted X,Y,Z values. Default: not used.


Units are directly taken from the USGS maps. E.g. the 1-degree maps are in standard arcseconds, maps are 1201 by 1201 pixels. The 7.5 arcmin maps are in Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) projection, units in meters (x=Easting, y=Northing; after the proper transformation). Height is in meters in both cases.


Lots of header variables not properly checked, and hardcoded/assumed in the source code. Once a proper FITS file is be written, this will be cleaned up.

1 degree maps should be processed with dem1 (the first version), 7.5 arcmin maps with dem, but not after the proper coordinate system (naxis=, crval=) has been found out, otherwise you will probably wind up with a map with lots of zeros :-)


Here is a very simple shell script that adds a FITS header to a block of data of which you know the size:

#! /bin/csh -f
#       Input:  BASENAME
#       Output: BASENAME.fits
set nx=$1
set ny=$2
set base=$3
set tmp=tmp$$
echo "SIMPLE  =                    T /"   >  $tmp.txt
echo "BITPIX  =                   16 /"  >>  $tmp.txt
echo "NAXIS   =                    2 /"  >>  $tmp.txt
echo "NAXIS1  =                 $nx"     >>  $tmp.txt
echo "NAXIS2  =                 $ny"     >>  $tmp.txt
echo "END"                               >>  $tmp.txt
fitshead in=$tmp.txt out=$tmp.fitshead
cat $tmp.fitshead $base > $base.fits

See Also


NEMO/usr/pjt/usgs    - more formal releases
/bootes3/teuben/usgs - development


Peter Teuben

Update History

10-dec-96    V0.0 handle 1-degree maps (kludged)    pjt
11-dec-96    V0.1 handle 7.5 arcmin maps (more kludged)    pjt
23-mar-99    V0.3 added some doc and better 7.5arcmin support    Pjt

Table of Contents