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checkpars - check consistency between keywords described in man page

and executable

Synopsis [-v] [-f tasklist] [-h] [-u]


checkpars reports on a consistency check if the parameters listed in the man page of a program are in agreement with the ones reported via getparam(3NEMO) , exposed to the user via the help=h command line option. Not only should the same parameter names be documented, but also their order. Typically the verbose output would report the two lists, e.g.
man: [’in’, ’out’, ’mom’, ’weights’, ’axis’, ’win’, ’sigma’]
bin: [’in’, ’out’, ’mom’, ’weight’, ’axis’, ’win’, ’sigma’]

has an obvious typo in the man page for the weight keyword

By default a predefined tasklist is used, but this is not an exhaustive list. Using the -f flag another list could be passed (only the first word per line is the name of the program to be checked).

Each time when mknemo(8NEMO) is used, it puts updated information on the task in $NEMO/etc/tasklist


    % cd $NEMO
    % make checkpars
    python -v > checkpars.log
    Files read: 200
    Bad files found: 104
    % more checkpars.log

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Parker Tewell


$NEMO/src/scripts/        script
$NEMO/src/scripts/tasklist          default list of binaries to check
$NEMO/etc/tasklist            active list made via mknemo(1NEMO)

Update History

15-apr-2021    first version    PPT
30-apr-2021    added -v flag    PPT
06-may-2021    added -h flag    PPT
21-may-2021    draft man created    PJT
29-may-2021    added -f flag    PPT
22-jul-2021    added -u flag    PPT
01-jun-2022    run from anywhere    PPT

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