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ccdplot - display program for 2D image maps (contour and/or gray-scale)


ccdplot in=snapshot [parameter=value]


ccdplot is a quick and dirty way to plot a contour representation of a 2D image map. It can also superimpose a grayscale represention (not all yapp devices support this though), or optionally leave out the contour values.

3D images cannot be plotted, but data files that contain multiple 2D images are plotted in succession.


The following parameters are recognized in order; they may be given in any order if the keyword is also given. Use --help to confirm this man page is up to date.
input file, must be in Image(5) format. [no default]
A list of contour values to be plotted. If the keyword is not used a grayscale-map is produced between displaylevels mmin and mmax (see below). For mmin < mmax this will be a ’negative’ image (lowest values are white, which is also the default). For mmin > mmax this will be a ’positive’ image. [default: no contour levels plotted, grayscale is plotted]
Should the grayscale map be used/superimposed? [default depends on usage of contour keyword].
Minimum mapvalue to be plotted. [default: auto-scaled].
Maximum mapvalue to be plotted [default: auto-scaled].
Power of the transfer function for a grayscale display, also known as the gamma factor. Only values between mmin and mmax are plotted. A power greater than one will enhance the higher intensities, smaller than 1 the lower intensities. Another possibility is to apply a mathematical transformation using ccdmath(1NEMO) before this program. [default: 1, i.e. a linear transfer function].
Range in x to plot, e.g. -2:2 [default: whole matrix, sizes are obtained from mapheader]. Warning: BUG, don’t used
Range in y to plot. See xrange. Warning: BUG, don’t used
optional header above plot [Default: not used]
Output table of contour segments. Default not used.
Format for above table [Default: %g]
Contour mode (0=orginal 1=pgplot) [Default: 0]
if used, use this as blankval. Default not used.
width and type for contour. Default: 1,1
(override) Label along X-axis
(override) Label along Y-axis
Scale all X values by this
Scale all Y values by this
Use contour levels a fraction of the peak in the image [f]
Use absolute WCS coordinates? (vs. relative)


ccdplot foo.dat contour=1:10:0.5    contour map only
ccdplot foo.dat                  gray scale map only, with default min/max
ccdplot foo.dat contour=1:10:2 gray=true    contour + gray scale map overlayed
Future EnhancementsA color bar at the bottom, or so. Extensive encoding
of contour-levels etc. around plot-frame 
Sorting contour values must be done
(sort of a bug really) 
See Alsoimage(5NEMO), ccddisplay(1NEMO), uns_2dplot(1NEMO)
BugsNot always greyscale map produced, you may need an old version of my
yapp_ps. We haven’t decided on a proper way to call/define pl_matrix(3NEMO)
I guess. Clipping absent, produces awkward pictures when not whole area
to be  displayed. 
Plotting subregions doesn’t work 
AuthorPeter Teuben Files
~/src/image/misc      ccdplot.c

Update History

29-jun-87    V1.0: created from ccd’s module     PJT
30-jun-87    V1.1: improved ’struct’ filestruc    PJT
 6-jul-87    V1.2: order keywords optimized for cnt/gray PJT
 8-jul-87    V1.4: proper defn. of cell-position    PJT
 1-jun-88    V2.0: name change, new filestruct, though code same    PJT
 3-apr-91    V2.2: documented that big bug    PJT
13-jan-92    V2.3: added greyscale as plotlabel    PJT
29-mar-97    fixed outdated doc    PJT
20-feb-02    2.8: added ltype; also documented new parameters    PJT
16-mar-05    3.0: added timestep label + multiple timestep plot    PJT
1-apr-22    3.3: added relative=    PJT
4-may-22    3.2x: added abs=    PJT

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