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ccdpixelclip - patch an image above or below a clip level with valid

neighbor averages


ccdpixelclip [parameter=value]


ccdpixelclip replaces pixels with any component below a specified clip threshold with the mean of its over-threshold nearest neighbors. This can be used to replace JWST blown-out star cores in monochromatic telescope images where the pipeline had set them to 0.

The blown-out core is replaced with pixel values just outside the blown-out region. This can be done early in the linear (pre-stretched) state. It restores dynamic range to that of the camera and recovers the blown-out star cores.

By setting jwst=f the logic can be reversed. Any levels larger than clip are then replaced by average neighbor values lower than this clip level.


The following parameters are recognized in order; they may be given in any order if the keyword is also given. Use --help to confirm this man page is up to date.
Input image file. No default.
Output image file. No default.
clip threshold below which data are patched [0]
size around clip pixel to average around (-size..+size) [1]
Also fix data where it matches the clip. [t]
Reverse the logic? Currently hardcoded for the JWST logic. [t]


Results can depends on the (hardcoded) scan-direction of the image.

See Also

ccdclip(1NEMO) , ccdmnmx(1NEMO) , ccdmath(1NEMO) , image(5NEMO)


Gerrit Barrere, Joseph DePasquale (PixelClip.js), Peter Teuben (NEMO version)

Update History

24-aug-2022    V0.2 drafted    PJT

Table of Contents