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ccdmask - image masking


ccdmask [parameter=value]


ccdmask creates a mask image from one of more input images based on a simple clip level. If only one image is given, the output values will be 1 where the mapvalues are above some clip level, and 0 else.

If multiple images are given, the output value will be the bitmask (i.e. adding 1,2,4,8,16,32,....) for each image which has their value larger than the specified clip level.


The following parameters are recognized in any order if the keyword is also given:
Input file(s), separated by comma’s. At least one input map is needed.
Output file, in standard image(5NEMO) format.
Clip level(s) for each input file. If not enough numbers are given to match the number of input files, the last number is repeated. Note that only single clip levels are allowed, unlike the clip level interface in e.g. ccdmom(1NEMO) [0.0]


% ccdgen out=map1 object=noise spar=1 seed=1
% ccdgen out=map2 object=noise spar=1 seed=2
% ccdgen out=map3 object=noise spar=1 seed=3
% ccdmask in=map1,map2,map3,map3 out=map_mask clip=0.1,0.15,0.05
### nemo Debug Info: 3 input file(s)
### nemo Debug Info: 89/100 masked in map 1 @ clip 0.1
### nemo Debug Info: 80/100 masked in map 2 @ clip 0.15
### nemo Debug Info: 86/100 masked in map 3 @ clip 0.05
### nemo Debug Info: 87/100 masked in final map

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