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ccddisplay - displays an Image(5NEMO) file onto a color Sun screen


disp in=imagefile [parameters = values]


ccddisplay uses Image(5) files, such as those produced by nnmush, to produce a grey-scaled image of the file on a color graphics device. Note that one must be able to interact with ccddisplay: therefore it must be run either within a graphics tool in SunView or onto the console of a workstation from another workstation or terminal.

NOTE: The current method to display images is convert them to fits(5NEMO) format, e.g. using ccdfits(1NEMO) , and use any of the modern FITS viewers, like ds9/saoimage.


The following parameters are recognized in any order if the keyword is also given
input file, in Image(5) format [no default].
cms=2, 4, 8, 16 ...
the size of the color map segment used: it must be an integral power of two between 2 and, for Suns with 8 bit frame buffers, 256 (note that if you run ccddisplay within SunView the program will only use the 256-entry color table while the mouse is within the picture frame). Try 128 if you only have one image on the screen, 128 and 64 for 2 images, and 64, 64 and 64 for three images (as you may have noticed, the sum must be less then 256), or 256 if you are using a remote console [default 64].
maxi=0.0 - 1.0 mini=0.0 - 1.0
only plots intensities from the proportions maxi to mini, scaling the color table to give maximum variation to the subrange. These parameters are primarily useful to bring out contrast in the dim regions of the image [default maxi=1.0 mini=0.0].
plot every value pixel.
After drawing the image on the screen the program prompt the user for the name of a subroutine to manipulate the color map of the image. These subroutines will subsequently prompt the user for any necessary parameters. The routines currently implemented are:
maps a monomial of degree N to the colormap, where N is supplied by the user.
maps a monomial of degree N to the colormap, where N is supplied by the user, but multiplies it by the number of contours requested and then shifts the result into the range 0 to 1: this produces a map with fewer contours near the beginning then the top
uses the same function as normmod, but dynamically varies the number of contours from 0 to the maximum supplied by the user for an expanding ripple effect.
maps N linear contours onto the color table, N supplied by user.
inverts the color map.

See Also

snapsmooth(1NEMO) , ccdfits(1NEMO) , saoimage(1L) , ds9(1L)


Relies on SunCore directly rather then yapp(3NEMO) .


Peter Wisnovsky


~/src/pswisnov/ccddisplay author’s original sources

Update History

xx-jun-87    Braught into system    PSW
12-Jul-88    small mods for new filestruct
31-mar-01    deprecated this program

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