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body, barebody - point-mass particle structures


#include <snapshot/body.h>
#include <snapshot/barebody.h>
Descriptionbody.h contains the definition of a standardized structure used
to represent a point-mass particle, including several useful auxiliary fields.
barebody.h defines a more minimal structure containing only mass and phase-space
information. The details of the actual representation are hidden behind
the following preprocessor macros, which completely define the structures
from the point of view of an applications programmer. Body A typedef struct
used to declare an instance of a body. Mass(b) Mass of body b, a real value.
Phase(b) Phase-space coordinates of b, an array of two vectors (see vectmath.h(3NEMO)).
Pos(b) Position coordinates of b, a vector. Vel(b) Velocity coordinates
of b, a vector. Phi(b) Gravitational potential at position of b, a real
value. Acc(b) Gravitational acceleration of b, a vector. Aux(b) Auxiliary
real value for b. Key(b) Auxiliary integer value for b. See Alsoget_snap(3NEMO),
put_snap(3NEMO), snapshot(5NEMO). AuthorJoshua E. Barnes.