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bake - making NEMO programs


bake program)


bake tries to compile a program using a template Makefile (currently $NEMOLIB/Makefile.lib). It will, much like mknemo(8NEMO) simple NEMO programs, however it will only do a local compile, and not place the binary in $NEMOBIN.


The $NEMOLIB/Makefile.lib will depend on my system variables in the $NEMOLIB/makedefs file, which in turn was generated by the configure step during the installation.

You can place a file named LocalMakedefs in the currnt directory to override the sytem makedefs.

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The name bake was too easy to steal, so there are other programs with the same name and goal, but obviously won’t work in NEMO. We mention:   (uses json to generate code and build
like make)      (a ruby gem) (mainly for C/C++ code)
If any of these are important to you, don’t place $NEMO/s


Peter Teuben


$NEMO/src/scripts/bake    script
$NEMOLIB/Makefile.lib    make variables
$NEMOLIB/makedefs    make variables

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6-apr-1999    written a long time ago     PJT
26-dec-2019    finally a man page created        PJT

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