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authors - authorship of NEMO


The core of NEMO was originally written in 1986 by Joshua Barnes (JEB), Piet Hut (PH) and Peter Teuben (PJT), Throughout NEMO you can now find many contributions by a large list of authors, and this manual page attempts to place these people in their (historic) context. Sometimes full names are used, otherwise these abbreviations should help finding out the main author. This list also attempts to summarize their contributions, which may not always be so visible


AdM    Patrick Frisch (Gottingen, 1991)
AMK     Amanda Keller (UMD, Spring 1997)
DC      Dustin Chertoff (UMD, Spring 2002)
DP      Daniel Pfenniger
JAS    Jerry Sellwood (Rutgers/Arizona) - galaxy
JCL      Jean-Charles Lambert (Marseille, 1997-) - io_nemo, uns, glnemo2
JCM    Chris Mihos (Michigan, USA)
JEB    Joshua Barnes (Hawai) - treecode1, ZENO
JJM    James Marshall (UMD, June 1997)
JM    Jun Makino (Tokyo) 
JN/JAN    Jeffrey Newman  (UMD, summer 1992?)
JJF    J.J. Fleck (Strasbourg, 2005)
JXD    John Doe
KGB    Kor Begeman (Groningen; some GIPSY related code)
LA    Luis Aguilar (Ensenada, Mexico)
LH    Lyman Hurd (IAS, 1986-87)
LXH    Lars Hernquist (Harvard) - treecode, scfm
MB    Marc Balcells (U. Groningen, Netherlands - 1990)
MHS    Matthias Steinmetz (MPI, Garching, Germany)
MT      Michele Trenti (Pisa,STSCI) - CGS 
MXW     Mark Wolfire (UMD, Spring 2003)
MW    Martin Weinberg 
NAS    N.A. Amarnath 
NCM    Nelly Mouawad (MODEST4 school)
NEBK    Neil Killeen (ATNF - miriad)
NSK    Neal Katz
NVS    Nick Strobel (U. of Washington, USA)
PAF/ADM    Patrick A. Frisch    Germany
PAS    Christian Theis  (Kiel, Germany)
POL     Per Olof Lindbad (epic5)
PW    Peter Wisnovski (Princeton, summer 1987)
PH    Piet Hut (IAS)
PXT    Parker Tewell (UMD, 2011)
PJT    Peter Teuben (UMD)
PS    Panajotis Skordis (MIT, 1986,1995) - filestruct
RAG    Robert A. Gruendl (UMD, 1990s)
RJS    Bob Sault (ATNF - miriad)
RPO    Rob Olling (USNO) - epicycles in potcode
SJA    Sverre Aarseth (IOA, Cambridge) - nbodyX
SMF    Scott Foster (UMD, 1992)
TRQ    Tom Quinn (U.Washington)
VS    Vikas Shah (UMD, 2000)
WD    Walter Dehnen (Leicester) - gyrfalcON + many tools
WLS    William L. Sebok (UMD) - ds


No doubt some have been forgotten....but since 2001 (in CVS) and 2017 (n github) authorship is a bit more automated

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