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addlib - add module(s) to a library


addlib lib-name module-file(s)s


addlib adds modules to a library. The module names way be in the form of source files (extensions must be .c or .f) or may already be in object form (extension .o). Source file modules are compiled using cc(1) or f77(1)

The modules are added using ar(1) and ranlib(1) will be run after all modules have been added/replaced.

addlib is not NEMO specific, no NEMO environment variables are used (see below)

Environment Variables

CFLAGS    flags for the cc(1) C compiler
FFLAGS    flags for the f77(1) fortran compiler

See Also

mklib(8NEMO) , mkbin(8NEMO)


src/nemo/lib    source code for addlib, mklib, mkbin


Peter Teuben

Update History

22-Nov-89    V1.0: created for miriad              PJT

Table of Contents