Frequently Asked Questions

Using NEMO

  1. I get "command not found" for all NEMO commands
    There are two possible causes:
    If all commands fails, for example mkplummer, the NEMO environment was not added to your shell. So most likely you need to source the file, for example
          source /opt/nemo/
    If your case is a less common command, you might be able to install this on-the-fly with the mknemo command, for example
          mknemo mktt72
    would (re)compile the mktt72 command

  2. Help, how do I get help
    Most NEMO programs have (standard unix) manual pages, but each program can also describe itself using the help= system keyword. And there is of course the web
        % man programs
        % man index
        % man snapplot				(or whatever program)
        % tsf help=					(or whatever program)
        % tsf help=\?				(or whatever program)
        % tsf help=h				(or whatever program)
        % xdg-open

Installing NEMO

  1. How do I install NEMO
    Of course there are many variations, but the following commands should get you something basic:
        git clone
        cd nemo
        make build
        make check
        make bench
    the script $NEMO/docs/ has many options to set up some more advanced installations.
  2. I have an installation of nemo which, for some reason, I want to re-compile with a version of gcc which is not in the standard path. How can I do this? Can I avoid re-installing nemo from scratch?

Programming NEMO

  1. Compiling and adding a "standard" program
        % cd $NEMO/src/.....        (choose some reasonable place)
        % edit program.c
        % bake program          	(local build)
        % mknemo program        	(compiles and copies to $NEMOBIN)
  2. Adding something new (but "standard") to the library
        % cd $NEMO/src/.....        (choose some reasonable place)
        % edit Makefile             (add the .o file to the object list)
        % make install              (compile and put in $NEMOLIB/libnemo.a)

Q:is there a noclobber option:
A:no, error=1 could help, but bad idea probably

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