These examples do assume some basic understanding of NEMO,in particular the usage of its simple command line arguments. Use "help=h" to get a reminder of the keywords and their defaults.
  1. Fitting a straight line , with some twists (nov-2004)
  2. Fitting a straight line , with covariance (may-2009)
  3. Orbits, in a logarithmic potential. (feb-2000)
  4. Galactic Orbits (mar-2005)
  5. Figure 8 Orbit, 3 particles in a humerous arrangement. This is a stable orbit. (feb-2004)
  6. A Fake Bar, show how you can make pretty (?) pictures of fake bars and do a different kind of simulation on them. (jan-2005)
  7. A reasonably Real Bar, and some examples what you can do with it (mar 2009)
  8. Orbits in a gridded potential (apr-2009), or how to take observational data and compute (periodic) orbits in it.
  9. how to make a (point) density plot from an ascii table
  10. Pseudo-Newtonian Orbits (jul-2009), and verification of the General Relativistic precession formula for the two-body problem.
  11. Setting up an N-body experiment in: python and idl
  12. Galactic Velocity Fields and related Position-Velocity Cubes (may-2011).
  13. Making movies with UNS files and uns_2dplot
  14. Sanders and Huntley (1976): potential and example orbits (oct-2019)
  15. Mock observations from EAGLE simulations (nov-2019)